Wednesday , August 21 2019

Mother And Daughter

Mom, I can hear raindrops sounds
But why my world is dark all
Everyone says this world is colorful
How its look, I only see darkful
Mom, am I getting any
Or only for me this arrangement
I can touch you, feel you or kiss

But mom how you look, I can’t see
Children say dolls are beautiful
These words for me are sad,
Mom, please give me any solution
How can I look at God’s creation?

Daughter, come to me ask
I will tell you everything
This world is sweet
Like a cake, we both eat.
Barbie’s are one of some fantastic
Like the stories of fairy tales.

Your world is dark
But “black” is a beautiful mark.
Smile on lips and strong will
All negativities automatically kill
You are different accept it
But don’t let you affect it.
I am your eyes, it’s true
See the world with me and grow
Seeing only dark shouldn’t stop
you from achieving big
Earn your life, money you will not
get in free from any dig
Leave how world treats you
Or it should do
Believe yourself and just flow.

Only remember world is beautiful
It’s happy and cheerful
Something messy is definitely
But don’t look at there
Hope my daughter’s queries over
We will stay happy and positive


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