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Everything you might want to know about an Android Application on Accessible India Campaign

Everything you might want to know about an Android Application on Accessible India Campaign

An android application for Accessible India Campaign has been launched by Department of

Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DePwD) for achieving the universal accessibility for the

people with disabilities.

This application has a user friendly interface, contains all the incredible information that you must

know about this beautiful campaign started by the central government of India.

As this is for a wonderful cause, I’d recommend every Indian must have this application installed. Let

us learn what all is there in this application, and how does it solve the purpose!

As you open the application, once installed, it briefs you about what is the Accessible India campaign

and what are its visions and missions! The main vision of the government is to have an inclusive

society in which equal opportunities and access is provided for the growth and development of the

physically disabled, which are equally talented as other people. This campaign targets at enhancing

the accessibility of built environment, transport system and Information and communication eco-


You can sign up to the application if you are new user. You get an option to make your own request,

when you click this option, you need to follow these steps:

 Select Category: In which you can select the state, city and the category ( Built-Up, Transport

Eco, ICT Eco) and the sub category(building type: bank, office etc.) of the place you feel is

inaccessible to the people who are disable. You can also attach a photo or video to support

the evidence that yes the mentioned place is not accessible. Also, there is a short description

box, in which you can write about the inaccessibility and also the suggestions!

There’s also a provision where you can check the status of your previous requests. As in what

condition now that place is in, what are the improvements that have been done to the place. Isn’t

this good?

The application has a database of all the requests that have been made through the portal. In which

you can see the improvements been done based on other requests.

There’s a wonderful option of looking into what is going around under this campaign. You can always

get to know about the workshops, competitions etc. that are being organised across the country for

the campaign, impacting a passel of people.

You can also know the organizational stars, both the private and the public organisations are

encouraged to use their CSR funds for building accessible infrastructure. Also to encourage them,

there is a provision of rewarding the organisations and recognized in annual award ceremony of the

Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and

Empowerment, Govt. of India. You can go ahead and adopt a project!

Not only organisations, but also as an individual you can volunteer for the projects, same kind of

rewards are kept for this category as well.

Last but not the least, this is open for feedback, you can give your suggestions, on how to make this

campaign better and how can we make it even better.

Great people support this great idea of making India accessible for the talented people of the


So this is a plead, friends, come forward, support this, take a pledge with me:

I pledge to support, to support Accessible India Campaign (Sugamya bharat abhiyaan) to achieve

universal accessibility for the people with disabilities!

Do you??


Neha Sharma

Assistant Editor, Maths and IT, Encyclopaedia Britannica India. Maths Hons. From lady shri ram college, Delhi university.

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