Wednesday , August 21 2019

In the light of my darkness

In the light of my darkness


I walk the world with thoughts so mighty,

Preferably, my eyes are potent weapons

But, I reckon the light is my foreman.

The echo of any footsteps, any voice touch my ears

And I try to use it as a tool, to empower my thoughts

That I direct towards befriending darkness.

Darkness, not in my bosom, but in my oculi

So powerful that I am dubious about my actions:

Will I get hurt, or will someone else be hurt?


I want to see my mother and my father and my dearest brother

It is not always about the mind’s eye

Sometimes thoughts overpower my actions,

Shan’t they be the happiest on my success?

Well, a win over life, skiing, parachuting, and swimming

          Running, painting and writing                                                           

Reading, exploring and talking-

Without any aid,

Won’t that be my achievement? 


I would say, befriending darkness brought light to my world.


Note: This is a free verse poem I wrote for the specially abled people who have the courage to befriend darkness and light up their lives.


Contributed By

Radhika Boruah:
An economics student at Daulat Ram College, the University of Delhi who is passionate about Economics and Indian Mythology. She expresses herself by penning down words that she believes best shape her thoughts. Project Eye Quest under STQ is a platform where she has willingly vowed to devote herself to help the specially-abled children

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