Wednesday , August 21 2019

How we consider the blind for our college societies

You can touch heights with your hard work. But if
someone is not given a chance to showcase their
talent, will we not consider their hidden talents?
Once we enter college, societies are something
that attracts us. We want to be a part of it and
explore our hidden talents. For this, we go through
the rigorous rounds of auditions. But if a person
who is differentially abled goes to give the
auditions do our colleges accept them?
The members start thinking practically that if they
choose any differentially abled person the society
will face problems. They would have to focus
more on them and give them special attention. So
we don't consider their talent. In most of such
cases, they are told that they cannot be a part of
the society. Their talent is unseen and is not even
But there are a few college societies who take
blind students.
They see their talent, not how different they are.
Even if we need to help them that doesn't mean
that we won’t give them a chance. If our little

efforts can help people to explore their talents
then we should not just think practically. If we are
blessed with something that others may not have
we have no right to deny them an opportunity. At
last, we judge people on the basis of their talent.

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Dakshta Gupta

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