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“I want to be a doctor”, said the doctor’s son. We all have
high aspirations about our career goals. Since a child is
born, parents decide what will he do to earn a living. We
cannot choose the profession of our choice not just
because it will pay us less but because it is not considered
to be dignified by the society.
Every time we take a rickshaw, we bargain. If an accident
happens the car driver is seen beating the rickshaw puller.
The security guard is not even allowed to enter our house.
The maid who washes your dishes has a separate glass to
drink water. The mine workers work under hazardous
conditions and no one thinks about them. We respect
those who are at higher strata in the society. We
empathise with those who are at the same position like
us. But we neglect those who work under us.
Dignity is a basic human right which many are denied.
People are often degraded due to the work they are
doing. People prefer to be unemployed rather than
working in a BPO or as a receptionist. Work is a part of our
lives and no matter what work one does, no one has any
right to degrade the person. Every work may not be equal,
but every work is important. Our country is a labour
intensive country even then labour is not given dignity.
The job one does have nothing to do with the way we treat

Since 1993 manual scavenging is banned in India, but
even now many people work as manual scavengers. If one
is doing brain work then you are given dignity but if your
job is related to physical work, it is considered
undignified. We see this behaviour since our childhood
and behave in the same manner. We are told to leave our
hobbies and study. Our hobby cannot be our source of
livelihood. We cannot follow our passion because our
society gives dignity to only those professions which are a
part of the white collared jobs. Even if a single screw
comes out of a big machine the machine stops working.
Likewise if these so called undignified people do not
perform their work, it will hamper the development of
our nation. We understand the importance of someone
only when they aren't there to perform their work. We
come to know the importance of the sweeper only when
we see littered streets. But when they are doing their
work we are the ones who do not give them dignity.
People who serve us, are our helpers, we pay them for
their service but we do not own them.
No job is petty and every work has its own importance.
We just need to realise this, then every profession will get

image credits:
Dakshta Gupta

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