Wednesday , August 21 2019

Awareness About Lives In Orphanages: Food, Clothing And Education

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world but according to a new study by an international
children’s charity, 4 percent of India’s child population are orphans.They are deprived of every basic amenity
needed for survival.To solve this problem, many orphanages, as well as charitable organisations, have been
working day and night.Orphanages have become a second home for these abandoned children.

Food: In this era, where people have no value of food, there are children who are not able to earn a one-time meal
for themselves. Food is as important as the oxygen.Without food, children face physical and mental
instability.Thanks to orphanages, they provide a balanced diet to the growing children so in future they will not
get exposed to the diseases.Similar efforts have been done by Dabbawala Association after starting Roti Bank
that provide leftover food to numerous wanderers.

Clothing: The plight of poor children can be easily seen during changing weather.There are children who wear
summer clothes in winters.The clothes are torn and dirty.And sometimes they don’t have clothes to wear.So,
orphanages like Arya Orphanage have been working to provide good clothing to the children.Inspite of seasonal
clothes, festival dresses have been provided by the orphanages.

Education: This is the greatest tool of all times.It has the power to turn a commoner into a king.Education is
the right for every human being.And Orphanages help the children in providing this right.Orphanages facilitate
primary and secondary education to the children.Some orphanages also provide monetary help to the children so
that they can continue their education in an English medium school.

We all are human beings, having a relationship with one another.  Orphanages are doing the noble job of helping the ones in need, the ones who have been abandoned. We should also lend a helping hand towards these kids who have no family. Remember, we are all “orphans” adopted by our Heavenly Father.


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