Wednesday , August 21 2019

About Us

About Our Quest

Our Quest is a magazine which aims to look into issues related to education and disability. The primary aim of this media outlet is in sync with the motto of Save The Quest, of which the magazine is a part. Revolution through education is the aim which works primarily for imparting education to the differently abled population 

Today, India has 2.68 crore people suffering from disability, which is the highest in the world. The magazine aims to cover all the aspects of education related to differently abled people which covers school, college, university education for this deprived population.Issues related to vocational training of visually impaired, sensitization drives related to differently abled population would be dealt in great length.

Our Quest is an initiative to deal with the pressing issues of disability as a sector, as a societal problem and as an issue related to change the mindset of masses towards differently abled people.This magazine would work as a platform to gather all kinds of reports, news and events related to education for differently abled, which would then be share to the main media houses.

Our Mission Student related issues in the vast canvas of Education in its full scale and scope. Our Vision Firsthand experience in working with the differently-abled.

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